About Us

The Busy Dad Network Store

Who We Are

Our founder, Tyrrell Eccles, is a very busy dad who's always had a love of video games, business, tech, family, and his faith for as long as he can remember. And he knew that there were more black dads out there like himself who are faithful, hardworking men who are proud of who we are and what we like do.

So he created The Busy Dad Network for us busy dads of color and the people who love and support us. A brand of self expression for the things that we fathers love in life.

Our Mission

And as a proud black husband and father, he does not subscribe to the media's portrayed view of who we are and what we like  to do. So he designs products to promote our culture, the individuality of proud black dads, and to express outwardly what we think to ourselves.

The products that we sell from this store are NEVER meant to discriminate against or EXCLUDE any person of another race, religion or belief system. Our focus will always be to encourage and promote the busy dads of color first.

Thank You

Tyrrell Eccles

My family and I would like to thank you personally for supporting our small Black Owned business. Your support allows us to continue to create more products that your family is proud to have and allows us to give back more to the black community.  

Tyrrell Eccles